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Flipps HD is a entertainment application for Android with which you will always be able to watch online TV. In the Arsenal of the program there are more than 100 different channels, which broadcast movies, music videos, cartoons, news and more.

It is noteworthy that in the list are well-known and large channels such as FOX, CNN, BBC, Washington Post and others. But in addition to airing online, the app makes it easy to synchronize your device with SmartTV or game console to view video content on the big screen.

The interface looks both simple and stylish. No extra items or pretentious menu. We can say that the beauty of it is simplicity. The color scheme is also matched perfectly – red and white, and a small addition of blue tones. Navigation get comfortable and sophisticated, making it simple to understand and easy to use app.

The main purpose of Flipps HD app to play TV channels online. From the first sight pleases a wide variety of content and renowned broadcaster. As a result, each user can find the transfer to their liking. Of course, absolutely you can watch for free only a limited number of programs, the other will have to pay or make a subscription, which is realized through the service Wibi.

Additional and very useful feature is the ability to remote playback video from Android device to Smart TV or media consoles. Synchronization and data transfer is as simple as possible. You do not need any additional actions. Enough to the TV and your device are in the same WiFi network, everything else you do.

As for the embedded player, then it is quite simple. It has a minimal set of features. The additional features include: selection screen for playback (device, TV, or other), auto repeat, shuffle and press the “share via social network”.

Features Flipps HD for Android:

  • Stylish interface;
  • Easy navigation;
  • Over 100 channels;
  • Sync with the TV;
  • Video in HD quality.

And now it’s time to talk about the shortcomings. First, despite the large number of channels, the really interesting content is hard to find, especially in the free zone. Secondly, the developers too do not frequently update media files, as a result of new items rarely get there. The quality of the video claims no, most of the channels are broadcast in HD, which certainly will please everyone.

Turning to additional capabilities, you should make a reservation that the application works not with all devices. During testing, sync was able to establish with SmartTV from Samsung, and as promised the developers, without the mess. But with TVs from LG meet difficulties reported by some users.

Flipps HD app for those who like to watch TV with lots of channels. Comparing this to similar application, you can easily find a number of advantages, and perhaps most importantly is the ability to sync with the TV.

You can download a free Lite version that has ads and fewer HD channels. The full version costs 5, and naturally it has been removed and added advertising channels.

Download Flipps HD for Android

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