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Shazam is a useful application for Android that helps you in seconds to determine the name of any music where ever you are and wherever it sounded.

The main thing to have time to run the program Shazam on Android, while it sounds any music, and press the search button. The result will not keep you waiting!

I bet every one of you had such situation when I hear on the radio or somewhere else, nice tune which wants to listen again and again… This music out of my head, haunting you endlessly repeat its motive in my head, trying to remember the words to find this track, but to no avail.

With bitter disappointment you throw the whole idea and trying to put it out of my head. In the end you lose a piece of yourself, and when you hear this track again – try to enjoy it again, listening to every word, that would again begin the search.

This cycle can continue indefinitely. You will lose a lot of nerves and time before you find the desired file or not find it at all. Especially for the fact that you would not be wasting my time, there is a wonderful program Shazam apk!

With this app, you will always find the necessary music files with just one movement. Just press the big button and bring the device closer to the desired sound – everything else the program itself will do, after which will show you all the data on the right track and will even help to download it!

Shazam’s great with the music recognition, commercials and even show programs!

After the program found the music, you can:

  • To purchase music files in the famous store, “Amazon MP3”.
  • To view the video on YouTube. App YouTube free download on our website.
  • You can view the history of “tagging” friends (that they have searched, looked, shaking, etc.).
  • Using the LyricPlay feature (kind of karaoke) you can sing along to favorite artist, reading on-screen text.
  • To listen found music through the radio or Spotify (Swedish online music service)
  • To see more info about the artist and his works.
  • Save all your search history for later viewings and quick access.
  • Share found music files with friends through the famous social network.

You can use the app even when no Internet connection! Shazam will remember everything and you will find everything you need when you can connect to the network.

A convenient widget on the home screen will help you as quickly as possible to run application that it found you need the music file!
As you can see, the Shazam program contains all the necessary functions to search for music files and sharing.

Download Shazam for Android free of charge without registration and SMS from our website, direct link below.

Shazam apk for Android

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